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About us: Testimonials

We are so grateful to our patients for taking the time to write such thoughtful reviews of our staff and clinic!

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"Okay, I’m a little bit snooty when it comes to acupuncture if it’s not like an old Chinese doctor, but this place is great. I have a lot of chronic knee/hip/back/neck pain due to several severe knee injuries/surgeries and have been struggling to find a good (and affordable) place for continuous treatment.  Have had 2 sessions and can immediately feel relief.  Will be continuing."

       -Yehua Y. 


Donna and Brian are incredible. I tried a bunch of different acupuncture places in NYC and Brooklyn and this one was not only the cheapest, it had the most calming energy and the most skilled acupuncturists. I love the community style- it's actually more comforting and relaxing than being left alone in a room. Donna and Brian's bedside manors are so gentile and caring. When I go I am often in extreme pain (tension/hormonal migraines and carpal tunnel) and they really listen to me and take notes on what's working. I am so grateful to this place- it has really helped me though some hard times!

       -Erica P. 


Friendly team, easy to book, acupuncture itself was exactly what i needed

       -Margo H. 


Treatment was great, professional and Friendly team, clean, and relaxing atmosphere

       -Damian K. 


Always a great experience. I leave feeling markedly better than when I walked in & truly feel looked after. I have already recommended multiple people.

       -Karla K. 


I always have a great experience at east village acupuncture. I leave feeling so much better and would recommend to anyone!

       -Meredith C. 


Amazingly friendly staff who are clearly dedicated to helping their patients heal. Personalized attention from genuinely caring therapists.

       -Carl G. 


Brian is always wonderful. He knew right away where to look for tension based on where I felt headache pain. It was my first time back since covid. Your procedures made me feel safe and comfortable. More space, fewer people to have contact with, regular hand washing and sanitizing, and good cleaning protocols all made it so that I could relax and enjoy the treatment.

       -Danielle H. 


I love Brian and Jessica they have made me feel so comfortable and are so willing to help me after going to numerous doctors and being made feel like I was not legitimate in my pain. Brian and Jessica sympathize with me and really try to genuinely help me which they have!! I was basically on bed rest before I started coming and now I'm going on runs again ☺️

       -Martha L. 


The service provided is excellent from very skilled professionals. The environment is spotless clean, welcoming and relaxing. A treatment with EVA is always healing and uplifting.

       -Miriam B. 


Provided immediate pain relief. Everyone of your acupuncturists I have seen has I went in because I could literally feel toxicity, that feeling of stuckness, in my body. One major problem was a big, painful cyst on the back of my head (which I've never had before). The cyst went away a day after treatment! I will be back !

       -Catherine Z. 


It helped with all the pain that I had I was able to go to work the next day I was a 10 when I went in about to go to the emergency room I went down to a six and less medication

       -Jacqueline R. 


Clean, fast, friendly. Felt better after the visit. Will go back and continue treatments.

       -Adela L. 


Clean and lovely space, excellent care workers, professional and welcoming staff--very gender affirming and respectful of my they/them pronouns!

       -Brit S. 


The space was very nice and relaxing, and Brian’s knowledge and care were wonderful. I have already recommended you all to 5 of my friends!

       -Johnathon L. 


The staff is great! I always feel comfortable there pre and post COVID. I also want to see my local businesses succeed and I enjoy shopping local

       -Jose L. 


It was everything I was looking for. The service was great, the place was perfect, the staff was kind and helpful

       -Brendon L. 


Jenna is very knowledgable, and I always find relief after I have visited. Thoroughly recommend this practice.

       -Karen O. 


EV Acupuncture is a tranquil, positive-energy space with very caring staff. It is clean and comfortable.

       -Christine H. 


Fair pricing, friendly service, my treatment yesterday really helped in a very big way.

       -Orly R. 

Woke up feeling great! Pain has really subsided!

       -Mark R. 


Very clean space and Jenna is great! All headache and neck pain was relieved within a day following my first service.

       -Georgina G. 


Jessica was awesome. Super thorough and asked great questions about my medical history

       -Rachel Z. 


I loved the atmosphere- in the past, I've always sat in a recliner and I LOVED lying down. I also loved that the did acupuncture on my back, as I've only had it down previously on my legs and arms. I will definitely be back.

       -Katie B. 

This place has a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere. It also smells wonderful when you walk in! The staff is extremely knowledgeable and welcoming. Jenna is amazing! You can see she genuinely cares for her clients and treats you with compassion. I couldn't say anymore positive things about the services and staff! I am from out of town and definitely plan on coming back.

       -Melissa O. 


Everything is perfect, very professional, I’m happy

       -Hector G. 


I slept through the night EUREKA coupled with much better energy today

       -Laurette H. 


Since it was the first time I had ever done acupuncture I was a little nervous. The staff and acupuncturist were professional, welcoming and very informative.

       -John B. 


It's always so relaxing the team really listens to what I'm feeling and helps my body feel amazing after and the price is perfect for me

       -Margo H. 


I had no idea what to expect, but I loved the experience and have had a lot of energy the last couple days - a big difference from how I'd been feeling. Very grateful to have found East Village Acupuncture!

       -Tess F. 

Front desk staff is kind and informative. Brian is fantastic and always pin (lol) points what's going on in my body fairly quickly. And I love how cozy it is in the space while also being affordable

       -Sami A. 


Each and every acupuncture petitioner that I have had the great good fortune of receiving shipment from has been skillful, tons and I have left feeling far better than when I arrived, on every level (not just for the symptoms that drew me that day.) also, the commitment to affordable acupuncture is something I have so much gratitude and respect for. I am able to refer clients and loved ones to your services with the knowledge that cost is not prohibitive. This is valuable from an economic standpoint, of course, but perhaps more importantly, from a compassionate and human one. I cannot say enough good things about this place, and the practitioners there in, from the receptionist to everyone I have encountered. Thanks everybody🙏🏼

       -Laura P. 



From start to finish, everyone is personable, helpful, caring, and makes me feel like I'm important. Everyone wants me to feel healthy again and I appreciate the kindness (and treatment!)

       -John M. 

I've been coming for over a year - the pricing is so affordable and the team is great! I always feel so much better after a session.

       -Amy W. 

You guys are all beautiful, talented humans, and I appreciate your community-oriented approach. You also brew a mean pot of tea!

       -Alex A. 


Donna was so amazing and talked me through everything very detailed as this was my first time doing acupuncture and what I came there to release pain from already feels better

       -Montana S. 

i've been to many acupuncturists and Jena was the best I've been too in a very long time. i'll be back on monday for another session !

       -Ryan K. 


Great practitioner, great music, warm and cozy, I felt at peace and the cost is right for me.

       -Monika M. 


Happy to find a convenient place with thorough care, nice vibe, and also makes this medicine available to more people. I support that

       -Flannery K. 


The Reception was so sweet! And they had lovely tea and yummy cookies you could have while you waited, the acupuncture was also great! I would recommend trigger point for anyone with really tight muscles and knots, for me it’s the only thing that gets rid of them!

       -Bianca C. 


I felt that I was heard.

       -Mia T. 

I thought the service was quite good and a pleasant, atmosphere conducive to relaxing/healing.

       -Mitchell R. 


Since it was the first time I had ever done acupuncture I was a little nervous. The staff and acupuncturist were professional, welcoming and very informative.

       -John B. 

From start to finish, everyone is personable, helpful, caring, and makes me feel like I'm important. Everyone wants me to feel healthy again and I appreciate the kindness (and treatment!)

       -John M. 


Very relaxing, professional and attentive. Love the fact that you guys are 15 seconds away from my apartment as well

       -Abraham T. 

I was seen right away and Brian was very gentle. Everyone was very nice and that mattered as I was in a lot of pain.

       -Angela M. 


I love EV acupuncture and Brian is a very caring, attentive, gifted practitioner. I am always so happy to be there. And I really appreciate the peaceful and respectful atmosphere. I have been to other community places and been surprised by the social chatting, the disruptive movement and even disrespectful attitude. Your place is special.

       -Kate D. 


The acupuncture and massage I have received weekly since March are of the highest quality and have helped me deal with both chronic allergies and a February meniscus tear. I have actually left my former acupuncturist and a trigger point person both whom I'd seen for years because I realized the treatment I was receiving at East Village Acupuncture was so much more effective.

       -Miriam B. 

I was originally suppose to get a massage and very apprehensive going into it but my friend talked me into. Afterwards, I felt so relaxed even more relaxed than a massage. And to further affirm this, I had a jammed/sprained finger coming into the appointment for the past couple of days and I had trouble bending it. I left there experiencing better blood flow in my finger and able to bend it with way less pain.

       -Carlene P. 


I love you guys, you're my neighbors and you constantly save me from the chronic stress of city life

       -Elizabeth K. 

Receptionist was kind and welcoming. Brian had a caring demeanor and gave me a good treatment (I felt great afterwards). Even though a shared space, I felt comfortable and relaxed.

       -Livia M. 


I was a mess when I showed up. Seriously. Bryan was so lovely and just met me where I was and was just a bright light that I needed. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

       -Tamara S. 


I felt so much better after my first session. Donna was wonderful . The rates are very affordable . The place is clean and welcoming.

       -Maryna D. 

Every time I go for acupuncture it’s always a great experience, the acupuncturist are kind, friendly and are really professional and are passionate about their work. I will continue coming here for acupuncture to improve my health as I value my self care.

       -Theresa M. 


Donna is a compassionate and skilled acupuncturist with very calming energy.

       -Stephanie R. 


Very comfortable for my first ever acupuncture session, Brian was lovely and the process was communicated so well. I felt incredibly relaxed before, throughout and afterwards!

       -Michelle J. 

Donna was lovely and the acupuncture was great. I felt much relief from my neck and shoulder problems and I will definitely be returning.

       -Gita B. 

It was my first time getting acupuncture and I was made to feel so comfortable, explained to clearly what I would experience, and it greatly solved the issue I was experiencing with my shoulder! Was a relaxing and effective experience and I can't wait to come back!

       -Jessica A. 


I feel there is an authentic and amount of care given in the the treatments, which have proven to have effective results.

       -Dennis C. 


My back feels so much better already (and that was the first treatment). Jessica was awesome and throughout with her explanation since this was my first time with acupuncture

       -Lucianna B. 


Because Brian is amazing! As is the new receptionist, whose name I unfortunately don’t know, but who is so friendly and great and I look forward to chatting with her every time I’m in!

       -Jesse B. 

Excellent care with skilled practitioner Donna Nield. Body and soul both feel better.

       -Priscilla S. 

You guys are the best! Wonderful atmosphere, skilled practitioners, affordable. Love love love💕

       -Laura D. 


I always feel calm, welcome, and at ease when I get there and when I leave. The practitioners always listen and I just feel a sense of ease and like everything is ok. Like making me feel better is important, not just a job.

Thank you for taking care of me.💓

       -Jennifer T. 

Brian was fantastic at pinpointing my injury and keeping track of the previous treatments to allow for an evolution of treatment. My recommended acute pain package was very accurate to my recovery needs. I have shared your services with my Jiu-jitsu peers.

       -Shane J. 


Today is the first day I did not have to hold my neck area, since diagnose of herniated discs. Woke up to no tension.

       -Karen G. 

Everything was awesome all around, Elizabeth really took time with me and listened

       -Alex B. 


Jessica was wonderful - really listened to me, and made sure I was comfortable the whole time. Even though the room is open and shared with other clients, at no point did I feel like there was any invasion of my privacy or personal space. Extremely calming atmosphere!

       -Morgan A. 


Truly amazing first-time experience. Brian was as kind as he was professional and the entire establishment overall was clean, relaxing and made the whole process, needles included, an effortless and blissful appointment.

       -Sarah M. 

Great experience today with acupuncture and will definitely be back. Booking online was super easy even though I decided to go fairly last minute.

The space: There are three tables separated by curtains. There are noise machines and music to drown out sound, and there’s a light scent of calm. I was only ever in the room with one other patient at a time, and it felt clean and safe. Everyone wore masks the whole time. My practitioner listened and was very attentive, adjusting needles throughout the session to improve my outcome.

       -Leah W. 


I’ve been visiting East Village Acupuncture for a year now and their service is great. All of the staff are friendly and helpful. I’ve been visiting Brian and he helped me with back pain from a car accident, and with stress. The clinic is kept very clean, and it is a comfortable place to receive care. Definitely visit them for affordable and excellent acupuncture!

       -Thomas M. 


Caring, qualified professionals and friendly staff. All the acupuncturists are excellent. I have been seeing Brian who has wonderful energy and combines Western trigger point work with Eastern tradition. Can provide rapid help with muscle spasm but also addresses underlying causes. The staff share notes so you if you can't get an appointment with the same practitioner every time you can maintain treatment on a schedule that works for you.

       -Jeanie H.  

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