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Below you can see some photos of our clinic that have been taken over the years.

blossoms acupuncture spring tune up east village new york city

Spring tune up

When the seasons change we can feel it in our bodies, this is a good time to get ahead of seasonal issues like allergies. 

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Each and every acupuncture practitioner that I have had the Great good fortune of receiving treatment from has been skillful, tons and I have left feeling far better than when I arrived, on every level (not just for the symptoms that drew me that day.) also, the commitment to affordable acupuncture is something I have so much gratitude and respect for. I am able to refer clients and loved ones to your services with the knowledge that cost is not prohibitive. This is valuable from an economic standpoint, of course, but perhaps more importantly, from a compassionate and human one. I cannot say enough good things about this place, and the practitioners there in, from the receptionist to everyone I have encountered. Thanks everybody🙏🏼

Laura P

Our Clinic

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