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Acupuncture Services for New Yorkers

Book your first regular acupuncture session for $79!

Services: Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a safe, natural, drug-free and effective way to treat pain, reduce stress and stay healthy.


Life in New York City is busy and stressful, we work hard and play hard. If we don’t take care of ourselves many of us experience burnout. In the city that never sleeps, our nervous system is never fully in “rest and digest mode”, we are constantly in a state of “fight or flight”. Even in our apartments we hear the sirens and other noises of New York street life. Fortunately, more and more people are discovering how acupuncture treats a variety of conditions ranging from chronic back pain to women’s health. After they see the benefits of regular acupuncture treatments, many New Yorkers are making acupuncture part of their health care regimen.  Learn more about our philosophy...

What to expect in a treatment 


Your acupuncture treatment will take place in our communal room. Patients are separated with 6 feet of space and curtains- there are HEPA filters. Your acupuncturist will ask questions about your medical history, and targeted questions about your reason for coming in. After your acupuncture treatment your acupuncturist will provide  you with suggestions for follow up along with possible lifestyle advice and exercises. 


Initial Acupuncture Session: $79
Student and Senior Pricing: $64*
Duration 45 minutes but allow for one hour. After your consultation you will be given a treatment plan with a recommendation of how often you should come in for treatment based on your treatment goals and your specific condition. 
Book an Initial Acupunture Session
Follow Up Visit: $79
Student and Senior Pricing: $64*
Duration 45 minutes but allow for one hour.
Book a Follow up Acupuncture Session
Extended Acupuncture Session: $99
Student and Senior Pricing: $84*
Duration 45 minutes but allow for one hour- you are in the clinic for the same amount of time as with regular acupuncture but receive more time with your acupuncturist. Booking an extended session may be recommended if your acupuncturist feels that you require more time for one of the following: two needle sets (treatment of both sides of your body), cupping, guasha, trigger points, dietary consults.
Book an Extended Acupuncture Session 
Private  Acupuncture Session: $109
Duration 45 minutes but allow for one hour. This session is the same as an extended session but is booked into our private treatment room.
Book a Private Acupuncture Session
* Seniors are 65 years and older, full time student, I.D. is required 
* Students and seniors can book Monday, Wednesday, Sunday 12-4pm

We offer discounts of 10, 15 or 20% when sessions are purchased in packages of 3, 5 or 10 sessions.

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Truly Amazing first time experience. My Acupuncturist was as kind as he was professional and the entire establishment overall was clean, relaxing and made the whole process, needles included a blissful experience.

Sarah M. 

FREE Ebook!

The 5 Best Acupressure Points for Treating Stress and Anxiety

We walk you through how practice acupressure on yourself or a friend and how to locate the key points that treat stress and anxiety. 


Spring tune up

When the seasons change we can feel it in our bodies, this is a good time to get ahead of seasonal issues like allergies. 

Book a session today. 

Acupuncture treatments are beneficial to: 

•  treat all types of pain

• relax tight muscles

heal soft tissue injuries

increase range of motion

 reduce stress, anxiety and depression

improve sleep

treat headaches and migraines

regulate hormonal cycles

 increase fertility

treat digestive disorders

lessen the symptoms of allergies

boost the immune system

Learn more about conditions treated by acupuncture

Do you have



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Our Philosophy

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a complete medical system that has been used to diagnose, treat, and prevent illnesses for more than 2,000 years. Yin and yang theory provide the foundation for TCM.  When yin and yang are in balance, one feels relaxed and energized. Physical, emotional, or lifestyle factors can lead to imbalance, resulting in pain, illness or disease. 


The life force, or energy, known as qi circulates in every body. For yin and yang to be balanced and for the body to be healthy, qi must be balanced and able to flow freely. When blood and qi cannot move freely there is pain. Acupuncture stimulates specific points using ultra fine needles to bring about an equilibrium. This promotes the circulation of blood, fluids and the flow of your bodies natural energy (or qi) through pathways, called meridians.  

Our Philosophy

Chi is the continuous flow of energy linking the various tissues, organs, and brain functions into a unified whole – a person.

- Mantak Chia

Acupuncture clinic storefront East Village Acupuncture, New York, NY

In our East Village neighborhood acupuncture clinic you will be treated by a board certified, licensed acupuncturist with years of experience. Read our practitioner bios.

Our storefront is located at:

155 E 2nd Street, New York, NY

While the roots of acupuncture are in the east, the practice has gained wide-spread acceptance throughout western society in recent decades. The first writings about TCM date back to 200 BCE. Herbal medicine and acupuncture were recorded in classical Chinese texts and refined over many centuries. Acupuncture, however, is thought to be much older than this. In 1991 an ice mummy, found in a glacier in Europe, is believed to be more than 5,000 years old. Upon close examination tattoos were discovered along his acupuncture channels indicating that he may have been treated for chronic pain by a form of healing similar to acupuncture.


Acupuncture first became known in North America after New York Times reporter James Reston experienced Chinese medicine first hand in China while he was covering President Nixon’s trip in 1971. Since this time, acupuncture and Chinese medicine has become a recognized form of alternative medicine. 


Used alone or in conjunction with a medical treatment plan, acupuncture has been shown to help treat a wide variety of ailments. While the best known uses of acupuncture are treating acute or chronic neck and back pain, and alleviating stress, the benefits are far reaching. A 2003 study by the World Health Organization (WHO) showed that acupuncture effectively treated not just pain, but conditions ranging from women’s health to insomnia. There are additional studies that show the positive effect of acupuncture on mental health-related issues, including depression and anxiety.  

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