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Massage Therapy for New York City

*Due to COVID-19 we are not

offering massage therapy.

Services: Massage

We are so sorry not to be able to offer this valuable service at this time. Consider trying an acupuncture or cupping session to help with muscle pain and stress. 

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Our Philosophy
Massage Therapy at East Village Acupuncture and Massage


Massage has become so prevalent in our society that it is easy to take for granted. However, the tangible benefits of massage go well beyond just relaxation. Studies have shown that massage therapy is an effective treatment for reducing pain and muscle tension, as well as helping the care of medical conditions, including fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis.*


The term “massage” covers a wide range of techniques, each of which has its own individual benefits. Swedish massage uses kneading combined with deep circular movements and tapping for a rejuvenating experience. Tui na, which has its basis in Traditional Chinese Medicine making it a natural complement to our acupuncture services, literally means “to push, lift, and squeeze.” It relies on kneading and rubbing key pressure points on the body. Similarly, the Japanese technique of Shiatsu uses pressure applied by the fingers, thumbs, and palms in combination with assisted stretching along key points to restore balance and promote good health.

The licensed massage therapists at East Village Acupuncture and Massage are trained in a variety of techniques and will work with you to find the proper therapy to assist with your specific needs and goals. Whether for a specific area, like the back or neck, a full body massage, or a specialized treatment such as Tui na, our highly experienced staff will help you get the most out of each session.

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