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About Us

My name is Donna Nield, and I’ve called the East Village my home for over 20 years. I place a huge importance on being a valuable member of my community not just personally, but professionally. As a licensed practitioner of acupuncture and Eastern medicine, seeing patients discover the real, tangible benefits of regular acupuncture and massage is my passion. That regularity is key, and my interactions with thousands of patients over the years have taught me that for many, making this kind of care a consistent part of your life can be difficult when it’s often priced like a luxury. It became my dream to offer top-level acupuncture and massage services to my East Village neighbors at an affordable price, and that dream came true in 2016 when I opened the clinic. 


Our locally owned practice offers our community the highest standard of safe and effective healing from a team of experienced, committed professionals. Our licensed acupuncturists all have master's or doctorate degrees.  Every member of our staff has years of experience not only with the highest-level techniques in Eastern medicine, but with the principles and practices of Western medicine as well. Because of this, the treatment program that we tailor to your specific needs can work seamlessly with your existing care. This kind of holistic approach is at the core of our practice, with a constant focus on providing you with the greatest possible level of relief. 


It’s also very important to me that we provide our health services at a lower cost—without sacrificing your quality of care. Our practice utilizes a relaxing, open floor plan where practitioners can attend to patients swiftly and easily, while linen screens maintain patients’ visual privacy. The community aspect of our space doesn’t just keep costs low, it actually aligns with the way traditional Chinese medicine was intended to be practiced, prioritizing the mind-body connection with exactly the kind of soothing and tranquil atmosphere that stress-prone New Yorkers particularly need. 


I believe all people should be able to experience the vital benefits of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, but I feel a special responsibility towards my Manhattan neighbors. And the thousands of patients we’ve successfully treated for conditions ranging from pregnancy and fertility, to headaches and back pain, to depression and anxiety have only strengthened my resolve. Today, our practice also offers herbal medicine, cupping, and trigger point therapy. I am so proud that our sterling reputation and convenient location have made us a destination for the communities of not just the East Village but the Lower East Side, Gramercy, Soho, Union Square, Greenwich Village, and all of Lower Manhattan for natural healing. Book an appointment or stop in to see us at work today. 



Donna Nield L.Ac, MSTOM


Our Team

Brian Maloney L.Ac

While working as a yoga teacher and trained chef, Brian felt called to make a shift in order to have a deeper impact on the health and well-being of his clients. His search led him to the study of Eastern Medicine. Brian received his Master’s of Science from Tri-State College of Acupuncture. His practice is largely influenced by the style of the founder of the College, Doctor Mark Seem, called Acupuncture Physical Medicine, and the trigger point therapy research of Doctor Janet Travell. He is also largely influenced by the teachings of Japanese acupuncturist Kiiko Matsumoto. Brian has many tools he brings to his sessions with his patients—acupressure, moxibustion, cupping, guasha and Amma bodywork—which he uses to treat a myriad of symptoms, such as pain, insomnia, digestive disorders, stress and more. These tools coupled with his intuitive sensitivity allow him to unlock and maximize the healing potential of the human body.

Elizabeth Piech L.Ac

Elizabeth Piech, LAc, has a Masters Degree in Acupuncture from the New York College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, where she graduated Magna Cum Laude. She grew up in New York City, and attended Amherst College. Elizabeth has had a lifelong interest in healthcare, driven by her desire to help people, and she believes that Traditional Chinese Medicine provides a more conscientious and systemic approach to whole-body health. Elizabeth has a particular interest in treating physical pain and stress-related disorders, including headaches, gastrointestinal disorders, and menstrual irregularities. She believes in comprehensive treatments that address the mind and the body as one. Elizabeth is also a freelance writer for the healthcare blog Health CMi where she reports on the most current medical research in the field of Acupuncture.

* Elizabeth is on maternity leave until further notice

Jessica Crofts L.Ac. DCAOM

Jessica Crofts is a licensed acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist with a Doctorate of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. During her Master’s program at Boulder’s Southwest Acupuncture College, she received specialized clinical experience in Japanese Kototama Inochi medicine, Five Element acupuncture, and Dr. Tan’s Si Yuan Balance Method for pain management and functional disorders. She completed a fellowship at the Heilongjiang Teaching Hospital in Harbin, China where she did clinical rotations in scalp acupuncture for stroke recovery, oncology, reproductive health, and pediatrics. She’s board certified as a Diplomate in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine which is the most advanced certification available in traditional Chinese medicine.

Donna Nield L.Ac. MSTOM

Donna is the founder or East Village Acupuncture and Massage. Having lived in the East Village for over 20 years it has been her dream to bring affordable, accessible acupuncture to her community. Donna studied acupuncture and herbology in New York and Beijing, graduating with honors from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in NY. During her training at PCOM she completed rotations at the Initiative for Women with Disabilities at NYU Langone and at Beth Israel Medical Center’s Institute for Family Health. She travelled to Beijing to study a the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences which is a World Health Organization Collaborating Center of Traditional Medicine. Seeing first hand how acupuncture is integrated into daily life in China solidified her decision to provide the same access to acupuncture here in the East Village. She opened the clinic in 2016 and since then has helped bring relief to thousands of people suffering with a wide variety of medical issues ranging from musculoskeletal pain, anxiety and depression to infertility.

Jenna Gill L.Ac

Jenna is a board certified, licensed acupuncturist who is clinically trained in Acupuncture Physical Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Kiiko Matsumoto Japanese style. Jenna’s passion for this medicine began at a young age when she was struggling with digestive issues and depression . After finding acupuncture she noticed a complete turn around and a change within herself that can only be described as profoundly life-altering. Jenna strives to share the gift of healing with others. She has a special interest in treating mental health conditions, immune disorders, digestive issues and musculoskeletal pain. Jenna is also a Clinical Nutritionist and Certified Cognitive Health Specialist and believes in using a multi-pronged approach to help support spiritual growth as well as mental and physical healing.

Leon Li LMT

As a Graduate of the Swedish Institute and a personal trainer, Leon has seen a lot of movement and postural issues that hold people back from their fitness and lifestyle goals. Through his massage therapy, he hopes to help people achieve their health and wellness objectives. Supplementing massage, he will suggest exercises and stretches that will complement the massage to help address the main issue. As an athlete in Olympic weightlifting, Leon understands the importance of recovery and accessory work outside of sport specificity and strives to provide the care and knowledge that most athletes would want to receive.

Kimberly Hauer LMT

Kimberly is an intuitive massage therapist with a versatile set of skills including knowlege of acupoints & ability to channel energy. Before studying anatomy & physiology to become an LMT, Kimberly trained w/ Yee's Hungga International Kung fu Association for 5 yrs. She has been attuned in Reiki, trained in both Eastern & Western manual therapies such as Thai yoga massage, sports massage, myo-fascial release and trigger point therapy. In her care you will leave with more than just a sense of tension release, you'll gain valuable insight into pain management, self care practice, & out-referrals if applicable. Kimberly is an empathic, honest, and kind practitioner who will give you her full attention with an open heart. Each session is carried out with attention to detail & mindfulness.

Karina Peña LMT

Karina Peña is a graduate of Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. Karina has immersed herself in Traditional Chinese Medicine and other Asian modalities such as Thai, Shiatsu and Ayurveda, she also specializes in western therapies such as myofascial release, Trigger point therapy and reflexology. Her very diverse skill set allows her to customize treatments for a variety of pathologies. Karina believes we all posses the innate ability to heal, she believes in educating her patients, empowering them to become present in their own healing experiences. She is a great believer in the mind and body connection where her ultimate goal is to mediate the unification of the mind, body & spirit through her very grounded instinctual, touch, sounds and essential oils. .

Crystal Avans Office Manager

After falling in love with New York City on vacation Crystal packed up her dog Booba and left her native Alabama.  She has been keeping our office running smoothly for over two years.  Crystal is in charge of navigating the complications of health insurance all with a smile and some Southern charm.  She will take care of any administrative needs.

Sonic (Official Greeter and guard dog) 

Sonic is a 4 year old Westie from upstate NY. Sonic has been working at East Village Acupuncture & Massage since we opened, his job is to welcome patients to the clinic (which he performs sporadically). He is often napping, but is always happy for some attention.  

Sonic has his own instagram account where he is quickly becoming a legend.



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